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How to Stay Competitive in the Middle Market

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Middle children. Middle class. Middle market. None of them get enough attention – but according to Tom Stewart, it’s the American middle market that matters most to your growth.

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 Alexander Betts

Social Scientist; Authority on Refugees & Human Migration; Oxford University Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs; Director of the Refugee Studies Centre

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In Someone Else’s Skin: NFL Considers VR To Give Players Empathy Training

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell put on a pair of Oculus Rift goggles last summer and was immersed in a brave new world — remarkably similar to our own.

Goodell was at Jeremy Bailenson’s Stanford University lab to learn more about virtual reality empathy training.

“The immersion in virtual reality was so convincing and compelling,” said Michael Huyghue, a confidante of Goodell who accompanied him on the trip. “Roger was tremendously impressed.”

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