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The Truth About Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert Neha Narula explains the high-tech future of this new technology.

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Foremost Authority on Designing Innovative Technologies to Transform Business and Society; Advocate of Emergent Democracy, Privacy and Internet Freedom; Co-Author, “Whiplash;” Director and Professor, MIT Media Lab

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The Blockchain: Boon for Bankers–or Tool for Tyrants?

Featuring Neha Narula

Despite all the grifting, thieving, speculation, and wild price swings you’ve heard about, bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies are clearly here to stay. Boosters think crypto­currencies and the distributed ledgers called blockchains they depend on will reinvent the financial system. Neha Narula, who studies them full time, and Joi Ito, who has been following digital money since the dawn of the web, talk about what that reinvention might look like.

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