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Why Should Anyone Care About Your Product? Creating a Value Proposition

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Why does your product or service matter to your customer? What aspects of it are the most (and least) important? What exactly is the value that you provide? Alex Osterwalder can help you figure it out.

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Terry Garcia

Terry Garcia

Terry Garcia is the president of Exploration Ventures and formerly the chief science and exploration officer of the National Geographic Society and Assistant Secretary of Commerce Oceans & Atmosphere at NOAA.

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The Right Way to Do Mobile Marketing

The mobile economy – which includes 5G, the Internet of Things, smart cities and connected cars – is expected to account for 4.5% of North America’s GDP by 2020, according to mobile operators trade group GSMA. That’s a $1 trillion value. But while people and businesses increasingly spend more time on mobile devices and technology, advertisers haven’t quite caught up, said Anindya Ghose, professor of information, operation and management. Ghose and Wharton marketing professor David Bell discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of mobile marketing on the Knowledge@Wharton Show.

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