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The Little-Known Secret to Nurturing Your Highest Potentials

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Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s new book offers transformational advice: power and influence are learnable skills that often outweigh technical ability.  

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Leah Stokes | The Urgent Need for Business and Government to Expedite a Federal Climate Action Policy

We’ve already warmed the planet over 1°C above pre-industrial levels. To limit further warming and climate impacts, scientists are clear that we need to cut emissions in half by 2030. To meet these targets, we must make progress on clean electricity and electrification, says renowned climate expert, policy strategist and UC Santa Barbara Professor Leah Stokes. Her eye-opening presentations explain why piecemeal actions from states and cities is not enough, and why we need a national policy to meet these targets, including large-scale investment from the federal government and private industry. She also explains why cleaning up the electricity system is the first linchpin in globally tackling the climate crisis.

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Strategy in an Age of Uncertainty

By Nathan Furr

Most existing strategy frameworks, developed during a more stable era, don’t work well in dynamic conditions. We need new frameworks to guide companies through uncertainty. And three key features emerge as common to these frameworks: the individual’s ability to cope with uncertainty; the organization’s ability to experiment; and recognizing that strategy is a creative exercise.

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