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When Machines Do Everything book cover

What Will You Do When Machines Do Everything?

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Despite what workers may think, findings show almost every job will be impacted by robots. Rapid leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) are putting entire professions and industries on the chopping…

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Amy Webb

Amy Webb

Amy Webb is a futurist and the bestselling author of “The Signals Are Talking” and “Data, a Love Story,” as well as the founder of the Future Today Institute.

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aerial view of industrial park in South Africa

For African countries, innovation must trump our focus on trade

By Efosa Ojomo

Considering Africa’s lackluster performance, it is no coincidence that many African countries and global development institutions are now prioritizing a strategy of trade over aid. But what if focusing on trade—such as partnerships with Chinese and American governments and companies—is the wrong way to look at the problem? What if instead, African countries focused on innovation? The opportunities for growth and prosperity would be much brighter.

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