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Tax Reform and the Hidden Assault on Education

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Futurist Amy Webb analyzes Republican tax reforms, revealing how they jeopardize the long-term competitiveness of America’s economy and workforce.

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Erik Brynjolfsson

Erik Brynjolfsson is the foremost authority on technology’s effect on business strategy, productivity and performance. The best-selling author of “The Second Machine Age” (2016) and “Machine, Platform, Crowd” (2017), he directs the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

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Bionic Limbs Could be Better and Feelable in the Near Future

The discovery of prosthetic limbs came with lots of amazement and hope to amputees who so far make 1.9 million of the US population. These bionic limbs have greatly eliminated the frustrations of always having to rely on assistance from friends, that is when the affected wants to move from one point to another. However, the need to better these manmade limbs has made bionic technology to grow in leaps and bounds. In fact, to unimaginable levels, that today we have Paralympic Championship Competitions which give folks who lost either both or one of their limps, the chance to exercise their talents.

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