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Larry Brilliant speaking

The Meaning of Compassion: Lessons from Larry Brilliant

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Listen to Larry Brilliant talk about how the quality of compassion can motivate us to build a better world, cure disease, eradicate poverty, and – when we all pull together – help the arc of history “bend toward justice.”

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Sara Horowitz

Sara Horowitz

An innovator for and leading voice of the still-emerging freelance or gig economy, Horowitz has been helping the new workforce of independent workers build solutions for nearly two decades. She is the founder and executive director of the Freelancers Union, which is building a new form of unionism for its more than 300,000 members nationwide through creative, cooperative, market-based solutions to pressing social problems.

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The Third-Leading Cause Of Death Is Preventable, But Candidates Don’t Mention It

By Leah Binder

It is more likely to kill you than terrorism. It has profoundly impacted virtually every American family. So this election year, why aren’t politicians at all levels of government talking about the third-leading cause of death in America—preventable errors in healthcare?

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