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Cracked brick wall

Who Can You Trust?

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Around the world, trust in our institutions is collapsing. More than a trend, this is a profound shift changing politics, business and social norms. Trust once reserved for respected institutions and brands, we now bestow on complete strangers through digital platforms such as Airbnb and Uber. The shift isn’t just about the failure of institutions; technology is rewriting the rules of trust.

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Amy Webb

Amy Webb

Amy Webb is a futurist and the bestselling author of “The Signals Are Talking” and “Data, a Love Story,” as well as the founder of the Future Today Institute.

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Digital and Analog – A Marriage of Impactful Development

Africa at a peculiar historical standpoint. While the infrastructure is still moving from the second phase to the third phase of industrial development, young people are engaged in business practices that are more suited to a market in the fourth phase of industry.

While that situation would seen to breed conflict, innovation happens when the digital and analogue worlds meet. Speaking with Harvard researcher Efosa Ojomo, he explains that digital innovation rests on an analog foundation.

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