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Is Your Company Overly Reliant on Technology?

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How does your organization view communication technology? Does digital connectivity enhance human interaction, or replace it? In an op-ed for the New York Times, renowned social psychologist Sherry Turkle took…

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Global Executive and Transformational Leader in the Food Retail Industry; Business Strategy and Growth Expert; Author, Forthcoming “The Challenge Culture” (Fall 2018); Chairman, Dunkin’ Brands

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Is your kid friends with Alexa? A psychologist on what that means for their development

Featuring Sherry Turkle

Robots long ago took up residence in factories and warehouses, and now they’re moving into bars and coffee shops — and our homes. The newest of these household robots, like Jibo, Kuri and Cozmo, come with features other appliances lack: charming personalities.

Cute little bots that recognize faces and voices and respond in endearing ways might seem innocuous enough. But Sherry Turkle is concerned — especially since they are intended to become part of children’s lives.

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