Social media is rife with abuse, hate speech and trolling. More and more frequently, bad actors are silencing and frightening victims all over the world. But Robert Tercek, a futurist and digital pioneer, has a plan. He says we need a shared set of “rules of the road” for social media, just as we all abide by a shared set of rules when driving on an actual road.

Why should companies care about this kind of abuse? Because your ads or content could be presented directly adjacent to hate speech or other offensive content. If social media is not a safe place for people, it fails to be a safe place for brands and advertisers.

Tercek argues that it can be fixed with more pressure from advertisers, persistent digital identities, diversity at social media companies and better tools for dealing with harassment. For more information on this problem and Tercek’s solution, watch his speech now. To learn more about how Tercek can speak to your organization, contact us.