Imagine a new technology that, within only a few years, revolutionized everyday life while rendering obsolete nearly all assumptions about leading companies and planning for future growth. At the beginning of the last century, that technology was electricity. Today, it’s artificial intelligence (AI).

This future is coming fast, says Amy Webb, founder of the Future Today Institute, renowned for her work anticipating trends and their impact on business strategy. “Like electricity, AI will usher in huge changes for every single industry,” she recently explained in her Inc. article, “The Game-Changing Technology Every Company Needs to Prepare for Now.” “Over the next two decades, you’ll encounter key bosses who aren’t human. And changing industries will require new skills.”

The transformative – and disruptive – power of AI is extraordinary; so are the challenges. But Webb, whose popular book, “The Signals Are Talking” (PublicAffairs), earned a spot on this week’s Washington Post bestseller list, is helping companies and their leaders prepare for what’s coming. Take “human machine-resources” for example. Businesses will eventually outsource key decisions and organizational management algorithms, she explains. And to manage it, we’ll need companies, and people, that understand data, AI and traditional HR.

“Someday, you’ll look back and realize that AI is our generation’s electricity,” envisions Webb, an NYU Stern Futures Forecasting professor. “And that you were there, at the start, witnessing AI’s illumination of the future of your business and our world.”

But to reap the rewards, you must not only pay attention to the trends shaping the future, but be ready to take advantage of them. To hear more about how Webb can help, contact us.