It’s no secret that humans fear the unknown. We shy away from the unpredictable, guard ourselves from danger, and reject the unfamiliar. But in this digital age, we can no longer deny that new technologies and our increasingly global society are drastically impacting the education landscape. As instruction methods are constantly updated, it’s difficult to be sure that the proper techniques are being applied. Heather Staker, K-12 education expert, best-selling author and founder of Ready to Blend, has successfully removed the doubt that accompanies changing teaching methods. How? By pinpointing students’ jobs to be done.

Staker has developed the highly interactive Blended Learning Live! workshop for 21st century education leaders – superintendents, principals, instructional coaches and teachers – who are ready to take a leap into the future of education. The workshop simulates the same classroom environment that students will experience and allows teams to choose the blended learning models that best fit their student community. The demonstrated benefits of these workshops have included increased student engagement, higher student performance, and increased teacher satisfaction.

Blended Learning Live! is a fast-paced and extremely collaborative program that aids in personalizing the learning experience for all students. Educators leave with an action plan, not unlike a business plan, to implement in the fall. Staker also follows up with teams to address in-the-moment challenges and observations as they embark on this revolutionary journey.

To understand how blended learning is disrupting traditional classrooms, watch this video or download Staker’s playbook for creating higher performing, happier classrooms. To learn how Staker can help your leaders at any stage of the blended learning process, contact us.

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