There’s no question Tesla is a remarkable brand. Just the name evokes emotionally charged responses from both its critics and its champions. It records quarterly losses by the millions and rarely hits company goals or meets new vehicle launch deadlines. Yet, Tesla has what your organization (and every other) covets: customers who value the benefits it provides and are willing to pay premium prices to get them.

Innovation gurus Hal Gregersen and Jeff Dyer call it Tesla’s innovation premium – and it’s why, for the second year, Tesla tops the world’s Most Innovative Companies, an annual list researched by the expert duo and published by Forbes.

“Two of Tesla’s greatest assets driving its high innovation premium are… innovation and leadership,” explain Gregersen and Dyer, co-authors of “The Innovator’s DNA,” in their recent Forbes article. And it’s Tesla’s unique approach to both that sets the brand apart while offering a model from which others can learn.

Beyond its luxury electric vehicles, Tesla’s transformative innovations – from its direct-to-consumer sales model and cash for reservations strategy, to its big bets on batteries and solar power – continue to disrupt the automobile industry’s deep-seated status quo. Similarly, it’s Elon Musk’s unconventional “in-the-trenches” leadership style that continues to drive Tesla to achieve the impossible.

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