Clearing the COVID News Clutter

The COVID-19 news cycle is so constant, it can be difficult to determine what information is most relevant.

Fortunately, renowned health care safety leader and futurist Dr. Robert Wachter is cutting through the COVID news clutter by guest hosting the popular podcast In The Bubble.” For the next few months, he will serve as a public health guide to over a million listeners, sharing the expertise of leading economists, government officials, epidemiologists and other experts to help us navigate the pandemic. As The New York Times bestselling author of “The Digital Doctor” (2015), he also brings to the show his insights about the role of technology and innovation in addressing the crisis.

A key opinion leader in several areas of medicine, Dr. Wachter has emerged as one of the most powerful and respected voices during the pandemic. In a January editorial for The Washington Post, Wachter argued that the U.S. should consider a strategy of deferring the second dose of vaccines in order to vaccinate more people more quickly, a point he recently debated in the New England Journal of Medicine. In The New York Times, he and his coauthor advocated for a new vaccine allocation policy – using age first, and then a lottery.

“COVID has been awful and tragic, yet we are learning a lot,” says Wachter. “Every dimension of this crisis has offered valuable insights into health care, science, public policy, media, human behavior and culture — insights that will allow us to do better in the future.”

As we enter what may well be the latter stages of the pandemic, Wachter outlines how the lasting effects will profoundly influence the future of health care and offers organizations a futurist’s view on COVID-related changes that will – and won’t – endure.


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Marianne Kelly: