Trying to satisfy your customers is a misguided mission. There is no such thing as a perfectly and permanently satisfied customer, argues Gabor George Burt, an innovation pioneer and mastermind on re-imagining market boundaries.

The author of “Slingshot” and creator of the Slingshot Framework, Burt explains in his recent Harvard Business Review article: “By their very nature, customers are insatiable, continuously yearning for things they don’t yet possess. Strive to infatuate them – over and over again. Infatuation implies a very strong yet short-lived attraction, which captures the true essence of customer experience. Understanding its implications is critical for your ability to maintain ongoing relevance.”

To retain customer attention, companies must continuously refresh their experience, introducing new dimensions (e.g., innovations, enhancements) at just the right time to keep the flame of infatuation burning, says Burt. But how?

Navigating this constant cycle of customer emotions between excitement and entitlement, what Burt calls the infatuation interval phenomenon, can be challenging. Social media provides unprecedented insights. Burt’s Infatuation Interval Index (I-Cubed) metric captures, interprets and measures customer sentiment on a variety of social platforms – scoring how deeply, how broadly and how long an offering infatuates its target audience.

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