Speakers & Authorities

A Day in the Life of a Stern Speakers Agent

When people ask what I do for a career, they usually have follow up questions to my answer of, “I’m an agent at a speaker’s bureau.” So I dive right in to explain about the esteemed thought leaders we work with, their contributions to business and society, and the types of companies and institutions we connect them to. Curiosity piqued, the conversation then turns to what it’s like to work at Stern Speakers (a division of Stern Strategy Group). This video answers that question, offering a visual lens into what it looks like and means to be part of such a vibrant, innovative, 21st century organization.

In short, as a company, we:

  • Are a primary resource for helping businesses and change agents voice their ideas to the world
  • Are trusted advisors to our clients and customers
  • Value teamwork, transparency and the quest for knowledge

For more, watch our video. And if you believe you might like to be a part of Stern Speakers, visit www.sternstrategy.com/careers to learn about open opportunities.