With the Republicans in control of the presidency, Congress, and soon the Supreme Court, the passage of their policy agenda might seem to be a foregone conclusion. Is there any way for the Democrats to resist, or even turn the tables on the newly dominant GOP? Gautam Mukunda thinks so. The Harvard Business School professor and leadership expert has a plan that could help turn the House blue in 2018 and perhaps even take the White House back in 2020.

Aimed at elected legislators, this is a plan to erode the president’s power by peeling away his popular support. In Mukunda’s words, “If Trump’s popularity plunges, his ability to enact his policies will drop with it. Thus any resistance to Trump must concentrate on draining his reservoir of popularity.” By opposing measures that could increase that popularity with “marginal voters” (voters who know little about politics and could be persuaded to switch their votes), Democratic lawmakers may be able to diminish the president’s political pull to the point that his agenda stalls.

For the detailed breakdown of which policies might be vulnerable to this plan, read the article in the Harvard Business Review. For information on how Mukunda can apply his leadership expertise on your behalf, contact us.