Technology is bringing about rapid, disruptive change in every industry and area of life. According to Joi Ito, a technical understanding of the new tools of our existence – from AI to blockchains – is not enough to survive and succeed in the future. As the Director of the MIT Media Lab who presides over what is likely the greatest hotbed of technological innovation known to humankind, Professor Ito teaches institutions, investors and innovators how to embrace the “big picture.”

Combining an amazing breadth of expertise with a framework for anticipating and reaping the rewards of technological transformation, Ito’s engaging speaking presentations crystallize the immense complexities of our future world. In the process, he reveals to organizations the secrets of sustained success and growth.

Co-author with Jeff Howe of “Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future,” Ito has built a solid career – as a technology thought leader, author, professor, entrepreneur and venture capitalist – on his ability to master a range of technological concepts with profound implications for business and society. Crucially, Ito’s expertise relies in using a unique, forward-thinking mindset to identify not just technological trends, but where they will ultimately prove profitable and consequential. As Ito and Howe wrote in “Whiplash,” “…technology means nothing, in and of itself. What technology actually does, the real impact it will eventually make on society, is often that which we least expect.” Employing modern examples of disruption like Craigslist (for classified ads) and Kickstarter (for fundraising), Ito illustrates how industries can be upended virtually overnight, and how the disruptors and incumbents alike should prepare for change while capitalizing on the newest developments.


A regular columnist for WIRED and a digital currency expert, Ito was a self-taught computer scientist before succeeding as a venture capitalist. He recently earned his first non-honorary degree from Keio University, which awarded him a PhD for his thesis, The Practice of Change, which is to be published as a book by the MIT Press. He is also an expert on the ethical and legal implications of AI and co-teaches, with renowned AI authority Jonathan Zittrain, the course on Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence at Harvard Law School.

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