Stew Friedman, Wharton professor and the world’s leading expert in work-life integration, has some advice. In a Financial Times profile, he discusses his life, his work, and the fact that “People have more control than they think.”

Friedman has made work-life harmony his life’s work since the birth of his son in 1987. In the intervening years he has examined how people approach their lives, and advanced some concrete techniques for pursuing what he calls “four-ways wins” – steps to improve life at the office, at home, in the community, and in private. While his work was not always on trend, today it resonates heavily as the U.S. moves toward family-friendly work arrangements and leave policies. IKEA announced a generous new parental leave policy just this week.

At the core of his method is identification of one’s own values and then an alignment of one’s life to those values. Even small efforts, like taking a short walk at lunchtime, can increase your connections to the people and community around you. Read the article to learn more about Friedman’s life strategy. If you’re interested in hearing Friedman speak at your event, contact us.