There is a misconception that large firms cannot hope to have the dynamism or agility of startups. But then how do we explain companies like Amazon, which have grown large but still retain that entrepreneurial quality?

Amy Wilkinson – authoritative speaker, Stanford University lecturer and foremost expert on entrepreneurial leadership and its applications at companies both large and small – reveals how bigger, more hierarchical firms can unleash an entrepreneurial culture within their organizations. Having drawn on extensive research and personal interviews with 200 founders and CEOs for her book “The Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs” (Simon & Schuster, March 2016), Wilkinson advises leaders on how to transform their organizations from the top, fostering a startup mentality that drives relentless innovation at all levels.

“Amy Wilkinson promises brilliant insight and delivers. If you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate executive working to stay ahead of the curve, read this book ASAP!”

– Joanna Barsh, McKinsey & Company director emeritus and author, “Centered Leadership”

Essentially, says Wilkinson, an innovative culture is about leadership, not the size of a company. Founders and CEOs like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Google’s Larry Page possess a particular set of skills and insights that led them to scale their firms and innovate. In her TED Talk, Wilkinson outlines three of the six core skills embodied by these founders and other leaders of companies such as Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal and Dropbox. Companies founded in earlier eras can emulate these innovators, provided they adopt the same ways of thinking exhibited by entrepreneurs.

Wilkinson worked at JP Morgan, McKinsey and at the White House before returning to Stanford and the mecca of high growth businesses in Silicon Valley. As founder and CEO of the innovation advisory firm Ingenuity, she is an active practitioner of business formation and growth. If you are a new CEO tasked with transforming a large company, a startup founder navigating your firm’s expansion or an entrepreneurial-minded employee of an organization, Wilkinson will guide you through the steps of getting or keeping an innovative edge in a marketplace where the fast and flexible win.

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