Disruptive Innovation is a driving force in business, but disruption alone is not a strategy. While it allows you to “find a foothold in [an established] marketplace,” it does not provide a theory for growth. That’s where Jobs Theory, introduced in “Competing Against Luck” (HarperBusiness, 2016) comes in, providing the keys to growth and to identifying the job that needs to be done. Two of the “Competing Against Luck” principals join here to demonstrate the immense potential of Jobs Theory.

Taddy Hall and Karen Dillon, partners of Jobs Theory creator Clay Christensen, team up to walk through a compelling real-world application of Jobs Theory in this video. After introducing the theory, Hall applies it to a case study of International Delight’s recently introduced iced coffee line. Hall looks at the jobs performed by iced coffee in general, i.e. why consumers “hire” it every day, and then walks through the innovation process that created an entirely new product category in grocery store refrigerators.

Watch the full video for great introduction to Jobs Theory and its application. Also available are videos of Hall and Dillon discussing case studies starring American Girl Dolls and OnStar and Southern New Hampshire University. To learn about how Hall and Dillon can apply their expertise to your organization, contact us.