Companies struggle with innovation, and Greg Bernarda believes he knows why. They’re still operating in the 20th century, a world where exploitation – executing and scaling products and services in known environments – is key currency for success. To compete in the 21st century, companies need to embrace a new toolbox.

“Innovation is about navigating the unknown, exploring possibilities and experimenting with new ways of creating value for people with ever-evolving needs,” explains Bernarda, a champion of reinventing and accelerating corporate innovation, strategy and creativity.

As Bernarda outlines in his article written for Programme Noé – a leadership program he co-founded to help enterprises and their leaders learn how to create value for today’s stakeholders through sustainable innovation – the innovation toolbox must:

  • Take a big picture, systemic approach to innovation. “It’s about thinking of all the elements of the business model, and how they connect with one another into a new story of value creation, delivery and capture.”
  • Reach collaboratively across silos. “Too often the impact of an innovation project is limited by who is – and who is not – in the room.”
  • Encourage a new behavior. “Getting ready for innovation requires… new incentives, new metrics and even a new kind of space and infrastructure.”

Are you ready to build your innovation toolbox – and to create lasting change and transformation in your organization?