What Will You Do When Machines Do Everything?

Despite what workers may think, findings show almost every job will be impacted by robots. Rapid leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) are putting entire professions and industries on the chopping block, as outlined in a new book, “What to Do When Machines Do Everything” (Wiley, 2017). Travel agents are all but extinct thanks to flight-tracking algorithms. IBM’s Watson will soon displace accountants. Even journalism – a profession based on human interaction and inquiry – is at risk. “The truth is, there will be blood and your job – and perhaps your company – will very likely be automated away,” say co-authors Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig and Ben Pring of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work.

But doom and gloom aside, the AI revolution will also create a huge wave of opportunity as it ushers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a potential boon for nearly all workers and businesses, if they take the right steps. A recent Forbes column called out three forces driving this transformation:

  1. Technology will become ubiquitous.
  2. Early efforts at change will be looked back on just as humbly in 20 years’ time.
  3. Organizations will begin to reorganize according to the new demands of the digital world.

AI isn’t coming; it’s already here. Companies can either seize the opportunity or fall by the wayside as disruptive competitors steal their market share. Akin to the early embracers of steel in the Iron Age, those who wield AI will make history and seize incredible rewards.

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