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Major Milestone: Introducing Stern Strategy Group

By October 29, 2015April 8th, 2016No Comments

Since Stern + Associates (1985) and Stern Speakers (2006) were founded, the public relations and lecture firms have grown in every way – in office square footage, regional presence, headcount, client roster, marketplace expertise and core capabilities. But perhaps more telling than our collective growth is the blurring of the businesses’ distinctions over the last few years.

Our purpose has always focused on helping clients reach and impact influential audiences; our partnerships with these thought leaders often overlap, as our firms’ combined efforts prove increasingly effective for well known global authorities and senior executives of corporations alike, many of whom require a spectrum of strategic services. We continue to evolve alongside, and often ahead of, their needs. A prime example: our recent expansion of advisory services – connecting major brands at the most senior levels with some of our thought leader clients for coaching, consulting and teaching relationships – is a disruption not only to our company, but also to the traditional consulting industry.

As our firms continue on this shared, purposeful journey, today we reach a major milestone: a transformation of our business strategy, bringing Stern + Associates, Stern Speakers and Stern Advisory Services under one umbrella. We are now Stern Strategy Group!

“We have always been bold and future-focused in our thinking and partnerships,” explains Susan Stern, Stern Strategy Group president. “This transition not only more effectively – and officially – reflects who we already are and what we continue to do, but also allows us to more fully leverage the collective talents of our teams, furthering the impact and value we bring to our clients through our combined competencies.”

Our mission to give voice to ideas, individuals and institutions impacting the world is unchanged. The rebrand – including a fresh look and feel (new office, logo, website) that mirrors our bold yet clear vision – homes in on our distinctive strategy-led approach to business. This has always been the heart of our success; now it’s what positions us, and our clients, for even greater growth in the years ahead.

Specifically, the unique blend of our expertise in traditional public relations and communications (including digital), strength in direct engagement (speaking), and highly strategic advisory services – offered by our senior strategist team and key clients alike – sets us apart. Stern Strategy Group focuses on, and expands and elevates, each of these service pillars.

“This is a major milestone. It’s a celebration of growth and success, but mostly, it’s a moment to recognize a great team of colleagues and clients,” says Danny Stern, Stern Strategy Group managing partner. “They influence and teach us, and present us with the means to disrupt and create something even greater. We’re excited for what the future holds.”

Listen to Susan and Danny Stern talk about the new Stern Strategy Group, what led us here and where we’re headed. Take a look at our new website, too, at For questions or inquiries, contact us at or 908.276.4344.