Making Economic Growth More Inclusive

The breakneck pace of development, particularly in technology, fuels growth and prosperity around the world. Yet, for all the positive value created by constant innovation, there’s a dismal downside: increased global inequality. But what if the world’s innovators turned their sights on solving this problem – could we make growth more inclusive? It’s a question Hal Gregersen ponders in his latest Harvard Business Review article. And many are already searching for the answer.

Gregersen, executive director of the MIT Leadership Center and champion of questioning, spotlights several examples from business and academia that are helping accelerate the mission. Non-profit i4j (Innovation for Jobs) is seeking to disrupt unemployment; winners from MIT’s Inclusion Innovation Challenge are leveraging technology to ensure the jobs they create are impactful. These and other “answers” to Gregersen’s catalytic question about inclusive growth are powerful reminders of what can be accomplished when the right questions are asked.

Read Gregersen’s entire article to learn more about innovative approaches to stopping rising inequality.

Danny Stern: