What if we could grow delicious, nutrient-dense food, indoors anywhere in the world? Caleb Harper is doing it.

Food is in crisis. By 2050, the world won’t have enough food to feed our growing population.

But shortages and surging prices are symptoms of a much bigger food problem affecting everyone and everything, including your business, industry, community and family. Caleb Harper, principle investigator and director of MIT Media Lab’s Open Agriculture Initiative, is making sure you understand why – and how you can help.

His TED talk on the “computer that will grow your food” has garnered more than 1.3 million views in just a few short months.

This is not a theory about innovation. Harper’s technology is already in practice and represents the beginning of a new industry poised to grow rapidly – and it’s likely one you know little about. His lab is bursting with visitors; government and world leaders are grasping the technology’s meaning for nations and economies. Companies, including Google and Target, are signing up to be part of the mission.

Harper’s groundbreaking work can impact your business in a BIG way. We are on the cusp of something truly extraordinary.