We are living in a “moment of crisis for global capitalism,” Fortune Magazine Editor Alan Murray recently told an audience filled with some of the most powerful business leaders in the world. Held at the Vatican, the 2016 Fortune-Time Global Forum was inspired largely by Pope Francis calling on the “noble vocation” of business to help create a more inclusive and humane economy.

Dov Seidman, LRN CEO and author of “HOW,” joined Murray and Virgin CEO Richard Branson to open the day, describing the conditions of our reshaped world and the implications and imperatives for global leadership. While the conference itself offered ideas on everything from job creation and fair wages to education and health care, Seidman was asked to frame the conference and its objectives to how the private sector can be a driving force in creating a more sustainable world for all.

“The world has been reshaped, faster than we’ve been able to reshape ourselves, including our institutions, our businesses, and our leadership,” said Seidman. “The implications are profound and the imperative is moral in nature. We need to systematize the forces that bear on behavior.”

The world is struggling to regain equilibrium from the chasm of trust and belief in our systems, institutions and leadership. We’re facing greater uncertainty and chaos, global unrest, anger, resentment and fear. And capitalism itself is undergoing deep examinations. Leadership must evolve too. Seidman offers a vision for how.

Murray, who referred to Seidman as one of “the most thoughtful people I know on this subject,” featured Seidman’s thoughts on the moral imperative of modern leadership in a column leading up to the event. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman delved deeper into Seidman’s take on what will differentiate humans in an era of smarter and better machines in his recent column, “From Hands to Heads to Hearts.”

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