New to Webinar Hosting? Impact Audiences with These 7 Tips

Making a virtual event feel like a live event is not as hard as it may seem. Digital platforms are more powerful and continue to offer more tools. We’ll follow up about that later. In the meanwhile, here are some handy tips for creating seamless, inspiring and impactful online events for your organization.

Know Your Technology

Before your event, get to know your digital platform. Run multiple tests with colleagues in advance, ask for their feedback and tweak until you get it right. You might even create a user-friendly tech guide for your attendees and guests. This key step will optimize your chances for a seamless, blip-free meeting and preserve your company’s reputation.

Ensure Your Content Has Value

Make sure your speaker (or panel) knows the demographics of the audience prior to the event and ensure their topic is relevant to what’s happening in the world. For example, right now your topic could be how to lead virtual teams. You can add value by emailing attendees an outline in advance and following up with a recording after so they can replay it.

Lead With Ideas

Attendees are looking for ways to build their brand, improve operations and increase profits. So, your speaker (or panel) should offer up original ideas right out of the gate, then open the floor to questions. Attendees should come away with concrete solutions and new ideas for reshaping their business model.

Feature Speakers Who Entertain and Inform

As with any event, the goal is to create a memorable experience that will long be associated with your company. So, make sure your guest is good at extracting and delivering big picture ideas in an entertaining and engaging way. Otherwise you will lose your audience.

Choose a Skilled Panel Moderator

If you are hosting a panel of speakers, be sure to choose a lively moderator who is well-versed in the subject matter and knows when to move from one panelist to the next. Above all, they must leave enough time for Q &A.

Encourage Audience Participation

Make the meeting interactive whenever possible to mitigate the remote factor. Encourage and validate questions and make sure the presenter has answered the question before moving to the next one.

Take Notes

Leading up to and during your event, be sure to document what works and what doesn’t so you can refine your process for next time, eventually perfecting the art of successfully staging a virtual event.

Most importantly, have fun and make sure everyone else does too! And know that we’re here for you if you need help finding engaging speakers for your next online event — our clients are ready. In the meantime, good luck and stay safe.

Whitney Jennings: