And the Oscar (of Management Thinking) Goes To…

Ideas – and the actions they trigger – have the power to change the world. It’s a mantra that propels organizations and individuals alike to innovate, push boundaries, and stimulate change and progress. It’s also a mission shared by all the thought leaders Stern Speakers represents. And it’s why eight of them made the just-released Thinkers50 shortlist of nominees for its 2017 Distinguished Achievement Awards.

Given to the management thinkers and doers making the greatest impact on their fields, this recognition is just one more validation that our clients’ work is actively shaping the future of business (Michael E. Porter and Clayton Christensen were each twice-honored as the Top Ranked Thinker in previous years). We are proud to know, collaborate with, and represent every one of them.

Contact us to discover how these thinkers can make an impact on your business. And then stay tuned: Winners will be announced at the 2017 Thinkers50 Gala on November 13, 2017 in London.

Digital Thinking: Adapt to new technologies or risk extinction

  • Sherry Turkle has conducted more than three decades of research on the human-computer relationship. The New York Times best-selling author of “Reclaiming Conversation” (2015) and “Alone Together” (2011), Turkle advises organizations on how to repair humanity by putting technology in its rightful place.

Leadership: Navigate unpredictable conditions and turbulent times

  • Hal Gregersen, director of the MIT Leadership Center, encourages leaders to question everything. Through his “Catalytic Questioning” framework, he proves that curiosity and creativity spur innovation.

Radar Award: Keep your eyes on these rising stars!

  • Alexander Betts is passionate about improving the failing refugee system. Author of “Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System,” he advises decision- and policy-makers on how to strategically incorporate displaced peoples into society for the benefit of global prosperity.
  • Zoë Chance knows the power of persuasion. A Yale marketing professor, Chance uses practical frameworks and behavioral economics to help leaders improve their decision-making and relational influencing capabilities in the real and digital worlds.
  • Amy Webb is a renowned futurist and business strategist who founded The Future Today Institute. Her future forecasting methodology anticipates trends and emerging technology that will disrupt tomorrow. Webb teaches leaders how to look at their business through a futurist’s lens to prepare and plan for the exciting changes on the horizon.
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