What’s behind the sluggishness of the current U.S. recovery? Our country’s “political paralysis,” says leading economist and competitiveness authority Michael E. Porter – and it’s affecting the growth of your business and your standard of living.

The U.S. political system is failing; government gridlock has become our greatest liability – or, as Porter deems it, “our worst nightmare.” In the 2016 Harvard Business School “State of U.S. Competitiveness” report, he explains that if Congress can’t take action, progress won’t be made on a national economic strategy, tax reform, infrastructure, and a host of other issues.

But while catalyzing change within the federal government is critical – gerrymandering and campaign finance reform have the most support, according to the report – business leaders also play an important role in improving U.S. competitiveness. Investing in workforce training, supporting public education, restoring a local supplier base and participating in regional collaborative economic development programs are all ways companies can regain competitive edge.

“The fundamental manifestation of competitiveness is productivity,” says Porter. “Only through productive citizens and a highly productive environment for business can a nation’s firms pay high and rising wages while still being able to compete successfully in the national and global economy.”

Download Porter’s report, “Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided” and contact us to hear more about how he envisions your organization helping change the trajectory of competitiveness – for your company and our country.