The current crisis has people searching for credible leaders who can provide fact-based analyses, realistic forecasts and practical strategies for getting us to the other side of this tragic time.

Four distinguished thought leaders currently tackling COVID-19 from their respective fields of expertise are advising organizations through this crisis:

With decades of experience, each of these powerful voices of reason are being engaged by policymakers and organizations in need of sound advice about next steps along the circuitous path of a crisis fraught with unknowns.

Larry Brilliant, MD

“I’m absolutely confident that we will have an antiviral that works, but it’ll take us a little while to know which ones work and which ones don’t work. I talk always about a vaccine, but it is possible and I’m optimistic that we will find an antiviral that not only is curative but is also preventative.”

Early in his career, Dr. Larry Brilliant – a foremost authority on pandemics and viruses – led the World Health Organization’s smallpox eradication program which saved over 2 million lives. Today, as a veteran physician, epidemiologist and infectious disease expert, Dr. Brilliant offers leaders actionable advice for developing guidelines and practices to safeguard their staff, stakeholders and supply chains. His current work with Airbnb vividly illustrates how he is helping organizations reframe their business models while mitigating the risk of infection. As founder and CEO of Pandefense Advisory, Brilliant is a highly sought-after consultant, guest speaker and interview subject and a frequent guest on CNN.

Raquel “Rocky” Bono, MD

Health care workers, no matter who we are and where we’re practicing…want to take care of our patients. Focusing on those that are most vulnerable will ultimately reduce the number of people who need hospitalization due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Raquel C. Bono, MD, who served more than 30 years with honor and distinction as a U.S. Navy Officer, was recently appointed head of Washington state’s COVID-19 health care response team by Governor Jay Inslee. She is the former director and CEO of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and was the first woman surgeon in the military to hold the rank of Vice Admiral. Named among Modern Healthcare’s 50 Most Influential Clinical Executive Leaders50 Most Influential Healthcare Physician Executives and Leaders and 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare, Bono continues to advise leaders and empower public, private and government sectors with her transformational leadership, purposeful disruption and passion for pioneering positive change.

Paul Romer, Nobel Laureate Economist

“We’re losing 500 billion dollars each month in output we don’t produce and income we don’t earn. If we spent $100 billion dollars in the next 12 months…we could recover much more quickly. [A policy of] testing and isolating is vastly less expensive than the lockdown approach.”

Nobel Laureate Economist and NYU Professor Paul Romer is former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank. Named one of America’s 25 most influential people by TIME magazine, he is currently helping leaders understand that saving the economy and saving lives urgently requires mass testing to get people back into the workforce as soon as possible. The prospect of overcoming these great challenges fuels Romer’s desire to write extensively about the COVID-19 crisis, and he is actively working with the Rockefeller Foundation and policymakers on a plan to safely reopen the economy.

Amy Webb, Quantitative Futurist

“Let’s acknowledge the disruption and accept the fact that the future is going to be on a path that was different than we previously envisioned. We need to start modeling alternative futures.”

World-renowned futurist Amy Webb advises CEOs of the world’s most admired companies, three-star admirals and generals and the senior leadership of central banks and intergovernmental organizations on preparing their organizations for complex futures. She is advising a national insurance company on the future of health care in a post-pandemic world, a high-tech government R&D center on AI and the coronavirus, and a multinational CPG on COVID-19’s next-order implications on the global food supply. As founder of the Future Today Institute, Webb pioneered a data-driven foresight methodology that is now used within hundreds of organizations as they rewrite their strategic plans to contend with COVID-19. Named one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2020 and “one of the five women changing the world” by Forbes, Webb is currently focused on using her insights and methodologies to help organizational leaders plan beyond the crisis.

If your organization is seeking frameworks for moving forward, we would be happy to connect you with relevant thought leaders who can guide and inspire decision makers as they revise their business plans in response to the crisis.