Rumor has it that if you work in manufacturing, accounting or any profession that involves a repetitive, predictable process, you’re at risk of being replaced by a robot. If, on the other hand, you work in a field that prioritizes human creativity or responsiveness to evolving problems, you don’t have to worry. The reality, according to Professor Gil Weinberg, a leading authority on robotics and AI at Georgia Tech, is much more complicated – and more optimistic.

Weinberg, one of the world’s most innovative roboticists, is building a new future of robotics in which they make us more productive while helping us reach new heights of creative potential. Robots, he says, are here not to displace but “to inspire humans, to push humans to uncharted domains.” Weinberg demonstrates how robots can be designed to do far more than mindless tasks, and reveals how machines can now emulate the complex strategic and analytical aspects of the human mind to actively solve problems and innovate in any industry. Welcome to the revolution of Creative AI.

Weinberg’s unique expertise takes the leap from developing robots for basic utility to designing them for complex creativity and human augmentation. By combining robotics and music, Weinberg proves that robots are able to take on more roles that are creative; his own mechanical musician, Shimon, is powered by machine learning and plays jazz music, actively listens to human musicians, incorporates new sounds and musical ideas into its own routine. “I hope robots will actually help humans create new kinds of music that makes you cry, laugh, or send shivers down your spine,” he says.

Weinberg also designs bionic appendages for musicians who have lost their arms or legs. These extensions – which may also be used by non-amputees – allow musicians to reach levels of virtuosity and speed which no human could do naturally. These “super-musicians” are a prime example of how Creative AI will impact humanity: not as a destroyer or an inhibitor, but as a partner in improving the age-old power of creative expression.

Weinberg’s insights on designing AI that augments human capabilities are indispensable for organizations seeking to integrate “smart” technology into their strategies for workforce development and innovation. And his message about the collaborative potential of AI and humans working together is essential to convincing human employees to welcome these changes, and use them to everyone’s benefit.

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