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Stern Speakers assumes representation of the speakers formerly associated with Monitor Talent.

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Agency Expands Exclusive Representation of, Amplifies Access to Foremost Thought Leaders

CRANFORD, N.J., May 2, 2013Stern Speakers’ mission – to connect companies and organizations with leading visionaries and social change agents shaping the future of business and welfare of the world – has just gotten stronger. Effective May 2, 2013, the agency assumed representation of the speakers formerly associated with Monitor Talent, expanding both its lecture talent and its team.

The transaction uniquely positions Stern Speakers and bolsters its ability – and that of its clients – to collaborate with the most distinguished and thought provoking voices in business today. Its expanded roster of influential thinkers, innovators, educators, writers and doers will engage more diverse audiences, stimulate more provocative discussion and inspire more impassioned action to affect change and spur growth across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

“We were presented with the opportunity to bring aboard former speakers of Monitor Talent because of Stern Speakers’ principled yet progressive approach to service,” said Danny Stern, founder and leader of Stern Speakers. “We have earned a reputation for making powerful connections, building important relationships and creating value-laden engagements. And we will continue to do exactly that with the added assets to Stern Speakers’ talented professionals and speakers.”

In addition to Stern Speakers’ proven prowess in the areas of innovation, strategy, leadership, competition, health care, education and social change, it has deepened its expertise in the fields of social media, science, technology and risk management. Importantly, its work goes beyond brokering prominent and influential speakers’ engagements; Stern Speakers also specializes in literary and course representation, providing personalized support in managing clients’ careers and other professional opportunities – a valuable differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace of thought leaders.