What sets a brand apart from its competitors? It’s not always the quality or cost of the product or service. A key differentiator is the engaging story behind the brand that connects to people on an emotional plane. Andrew Gordon, 20-year veteran of Pixar Animation and professional storyteller, has helped the sales and marketing departments of numerous companies – including Facebook, Disney, Deloitte, Pinterest, Cisco, and Salesforce – distinguish themselves by creating stories that exhibit heart and soul while staying true to their ideals.

Having animated blockbuster classics “A Bug’s Life,” “Finding Nemo,” and “The Incredibles,” to name a few, Gordon applies storytelling techniques and frameworks to business challenges, helping leaders think outside the confines of corporate structures. His increasingly popular interactive workshops, designed for creative and non-creative businesspeople, guide attendees on a journey to bring an individual’s or organization’s story to life, improve internal and external communications and leave a lasting impression on employees and audiences.
Gordon’s storytelling strategy is not to instill a predetermined approach, but rather to craft one which is unique to each organization, its goals and its values. Having a memorable story, Gordon insists, is also essential to developing a creative company culture. Workshop topics, which can be combined to meet audience needs, include:

  • Emotional Storytelling: Master the many skills needed to create impactful, inspiring stories and winning pitches
  • The Storytelling Process: Utilize the key elements used to produce award-winning films to seamlessly transition from nascent idea to finished product
  • Fostering a Creative Culture: Design an environment which spurs innovation and maximizes human capital
  • Feedback, Iteration, and Learning from Failure: Become more innovative and agile through a structured feedback framework based on the Hollywood filmmaking process

Feel like your brand’s story could use a refresh?

Andrew Gordon is available for keynotes, workshops, and advisory and consulting relationships. Contact us for more information on how he can help your organization craft its breakthrough story.