A go-to person in a time of crisis, Angela Stent, Ph.D., is an energetic and dynamic speaker who connects with her audience, whether it is a small group of decision-makers, a board, or a larger audience. Regarded as one of the leading experts on Russia and its foreign policy, her deep scholarship in Russian history and politics since the Soviet era enables her to envision future scenarios, giving leaders an exclusive view of the end results that may affect business in the United States and Europe.

Stent’s newest book, “Putin’s World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest” (Twelve, 2019), is described by William Burns, current CIA director and former Deputy Secretary of State, as “the definitive guide to understanding the tangled history of post-Cold War Russia…could not be more timely.”  Her prescient view of emerging multifaceted geopolitical conflicts won the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy’s prize for the best book on U.S.-Russian Relations and was called a “brilliant exposition of Putin’s strategy” by the late former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

As the Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution, where she co-chairs the Hewitt Forum on Post-Soviet Affairs, Stent’s understanding of Russia goes beyond conventional political analysis, and she frequently appears on CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, PBS and the BBC.

In “Putin’s World” and in her engaging keynotes, Stent dissects the Russian President’s goal to reinvent his nation with an eye toward how this would affect “the west and the rest.” “To understand Putin’s world,” she argues, “one has to start with the history, geography, and culture that shaped it.” Fluent in Russian, her access to Putin and other senior Russian officials during annual meetings of the Valdai International Discussion Club has allowed her to see around corners,  sharing important insights with leaders who are looking to better understand Russia’s relations with the US, Europe and Asia. Her previous book, “The Limits of Partnership: U.S. Russian Relations in the 21st Century” (Princeton University Press, 2015), was described as “magisterial” by The Economist and was honored by the American Academy of Diplomacy in 2014 as “the best book on the practice of American diplomacy.”


Looking to the future, Stent pushes leaders to be fully prepared for the unpredictable.

“Just as Putin’s judo mastery has taught him how to prevail against a distracted opponent, the West should be prepared for surprises and agile enough to respond to them,” she warns. “In Putin’s world, it is prudent to expect the unexpected.”

Praise for “Putin’s World”

“Informed by its author’s distinguished career in government and academia, this account of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s worldview provides an important window into one of the key geopolitical challenges of our time. Casual observers and seasoned experts will benefit from Dr. Stent’s brilliant exploration of Putin’s strategy and its disturbing implications for the West.” ― Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright

“‘Putin’s World’ offers a timely 21st-century update on George Kennan’s Long Telegram. Russians understand their country through history, geography, empire-and stories of ‘great men.’ Angela Stent deftly explains how Putin’s version of Russian exceptionalism has been redrawing maps of power in Eurasia and beyond. In an era of strongmen who are seeking a new concert of power, Stent offers the wise perspective that we should consider Russia as it is, not as we might wish it to be.” ― Robert B. Zoellick, Former President of the World Bank, US Trade Representative, and US Deputy Secretary of State

“‘Putin’s World’ is the definitive guide to understanding the tangled history of post-Cold War Russia and its place in the world. Angela Stent offers a thoughtful, sober, and elegantly-written perspective that could not be more timely.” ― US Ambassador William J. Burns

“Stent expertly walks readers through Moscow’s relations with every region in the world, avoiding the hysteria that warps discussion of the country. Aware that too many books about Russian foreign policy arrive instantly obsolete because they lack a foundation in history or political culture, Stent opens with those subjects…and the book culminates in a clear-eyed portrayal of the inescapably troubled U.S.-Russia relationship.” ― The Washington Post

“An incisive exploration of ‘how and why Russia has returned to the world stage’… [Stent] offers a deeply informed look at why Russia, directed by President Vladimir Putin, persists in behaving in what the West regards as an exceedingly maddening, paranoid, and often aggressive manner… A compelling historico-psychological work delineating how the West should respond to Russia going forward.” ― Kirkus (Starred Review)

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