Ideas – and the actions they trigger – have the power to change the world. It’s a mantra that propels organizations and individuals alike to innovate, push boundaries, and stimulate change and progress. A few months ago we announced eight of our clients made the Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards shortlist for their contributions to the business world. This week, futurist Amy Webb and leadership guru Hal Gregersen received the top awards in their categories for their impact and insight on the next wave of business strategy.

Webb, who expertly moderated a panel discussion at the event and received the 2017 RADAR Thinker award, is a renowned futurist and business strategist who founded The Future Today Institute. Webb’s most recent best-selling and award-winning book, “The Signals Are Talking: Why Today’s Fringe Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream” (Public Affairs, December 2016) delves deep into her forecasting methodology – which she teaches at NYU Stern School of Business­ – and anticipates trends and emerging technology that will disrupt tomorrow. Through her speaking and workshops, Webb teaches leaders how to look at their business through a futurist’s lens to prepare and plan for the exciting changes on the horizon. Her forthcoming book, “The Great AI Awakening,” is expected in 2019.

Gregersen, best-selling author and director of the MIT Leadership Center, received the 2017 LEADERSHIP award. Recognized by the top CEOs and most innovative leaders in the world for his teaching skills and “Catalytic Questioning” framework, Gregersen proves that curiosity and creativity spur innovation. His highly anticipated book “Questions Are the Answers” (Harper Collins) will be published in 2018.

Additionally, many of our clients made the list of the world’s top thought leaders:

  • Clay Christensen – Father of the Theory of Disruptive Innovation, Christensen has applied his thinking to business management and strategy, health care and education. Next year, he’s applying the theory to economic development with his new book “The Prosperity Paradox,” co-authored by Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon.
  • Michael Porter – As the foremost authority on modern business strategy and competition, the Harvard professor also helps leaders understand technology’s role in the future of their business, from the Internet of Things to augmented reality.
  • Erik Brynjolfsson – A leading expert on technology’s effect on business strategy and New York Times best-selling author of “The Second Machine Age” (Norton, 2016), Brynjolfsson and co-author Andrew McAfee show in their second book together, “Machine, Platform, Crowd,” (Norton, 2017) the evolution of artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of work, our use of data and human decision-making.
  • Tammy Erickson – Well-known for her expertise in organizational behavior and the future of work, Erickson connects generational differences and technology to help leaders build culturally robust and highly collaborative work environments.
  • Stew Friedman – More than a leadership guru, Friedman utilizes his proven, systematic framework, Total Leadership, to teach companies how to be more innovative by integrating the important aspects of their lives to produce happier, more efficient employees and leaders.
  • Rachel Botsman – After studying the behavioral shifts resulting from the sharing economy, Botsman discovered an equally important – and dramatic – shift in how people trust the large institutions that run society. Her highly anticipated new book, “Who Can You Trust?” (Hachette, November 2017) which examines this shift with wit, humor and a bit of skepticism – from China’s citizen rating system to artificial intelligence’s decision-making abilities – is available worldwide.

Given to the management thinkers and doers making the greatest impact on their fields, Thinkers50 recognition is just one more validation that our clients’ work is actively shaping the future of business. We are proud to know, collaborate with, and represent every one of them.