Growth comes from encouraging and advancing new ideas, trying different approaches, and motivating, educating and inspiring stakeholders, from the C-suite to the frontlines. We exclusively represent a wide range of top-tier, globally recognized authorities who offer insights and expertise to help organizations make better decisions while navigating uncharted territory.

Our clients are business school professors at the most prestigious institutions in the world, former C-level executives of noted corporations and best-selling business book authors. These distinguished thought leaders build their reputations and base their work on proven strategies and methodologies that help businesses in almost every sector address critical areas of performance.

Here are some ways your organization can gain access to their expert insights and frameworks in order to build and sustain growth. These formats can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization or event.


While live keynotes are being scheduled for later in the year, virtual keynotes are currently offering audiences more immediate access to thought leaders as well as scheduling and format flexibility. A keynote can either be a one-time presentation followed by Q&A or it can be divided into two parts where Q&A can be scheduled at a later date after attendees have had a chance to implement the strategies previously shared by the speaker.


These lively workshops allow for real-time discussions and hands-on exercises, giving participants the opportunity to interact with the speaker while applying the learned methodologies, frameworks and tools to their own challenges.


This arrangement allows key decision-makers at your organization to meet with an expert confidentially in one-on-one or small group sessions to address unique challenges and develop a plan for change.

We realize organizations are looking for transformative ideas now more than ever as they reframe their business models in response to the crisis. By offering immediacy, flexible meeting times, space for more participants, and eliminating the need for travel, these virtual meetings are proving highly effective for the interim. That said, our speakers look forward to returning to in-person gatherings soon. Until then, let’s create an impactful virtual event around the right thought leader who can help your organization navigate change, improve operations, and drive growth.

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