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Ramez Naam

Renowned Computer Scientist, Futurist and Award-Winning Author; Expert on Search Engines, Information Retrieval, Web Browsing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Lecturer on Energy, the Environment and Innovation, Singularity University

Scott Pulsipher

Transformational Leader and Authority on Innovative Business Models; President, Western Governors University

Kevin Werbach

Leading Expert on the Business, Legal and Public Policy Implications of Emerging Technologies; Authority on the Future of Blockchain and its Implications for Trust in Business and Society; Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, The Wharton School

Hannu Rajaniemi

Acclaimed Sci-Fi Author, Entrepreneur and Scientist; Co-Founder, Helix Nanotechnologies

Paul LeBlanc

Leading Authority on Business Model Innovation, the Future of Work and Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education; One of Forbes’ 15 “Classroom Revolutionaries” and “Most Influential People in Higher Education;” President, Southern New Hampshire University

Courtney D. Cogburn

Pioneer in Using Virtual Reality to Expose the Devastating Impact of Racism on Individuals, Organizations and Society; Expert on Understanding How Racism in the Media Affects Human Health; Transdisciplinary Scholar; Assistant Professor of Social Work, Columbia University